Technology Trends in Government

McKinsey research found that within the first eight weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumer and business digital adoption accelerated by five years. Out of crisis comes opportunity and COVID-19 has certainly ushered in digital transformation across the public sector. The rapid shift to remote work has…

When will we return to “normal?” What will “normal” become? One aspect that COVID-19 has certainly ushered in is change. Whether its Operation Warp Speed to support a faster vaccine, businesses, nonprofits, and government reinventing their products and services, and organizations and people adapting to a more remote culture —…

Systemic problems require systemic solutions. A key concept behind this is collective impact — change generated through cross-sector collaboration. This idea stems from the notion that many challenges are so pervasive that they require organizations and agents from the government, nonprofit, philanthropy, and private sectors to solve them.

As Professional Problem Solvers (PPS), consultants thrive in environments where they have to navigate uncertainty and ambiguity, develop a structured way to gather the information they need to efficiently and effectively solve the business challenge, and quickly drive towards a solution. …

Evan Piekara

Evan specializes in change management and is the author of Case In Point: Government and Nonprofit.

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